E Aadhar Card Update Process through SSUP Update | Self Service Update Portal @ ssup.uidai.gov.in

Aadhar Card Update/Correction/UIDAI Update we can do in three ways one is online process second one is a Post offline process third one is through Enrollment Center.Which purpose we have to do E aadhar update?Where can we do Adhar card update online?What is aadhaar self-service update portal?How many days does it take to do E Aadhar update?SSUP Update?UIDAI Update by Post?such kind of questions and answers we are Providing below so it may help to your queries on Aadhar Update/ssup.uidai.gov.in.

Aadhar Card Correction  through online.

here Aadhar  Card Update or Correction through SSUP Portal (Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal), following steps, are required to follow the steps

Step 01: Visit the Aadhar card self-service update portal website, that is https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/update,

The Step 02: Enter the 12 digits Aadhar card Number in given space.

Aadhar Update Online    Aadhar Update Offline

Aadhar Card Update

Step 03: After 12 digit Aadhar card no, you have to enter text verification code then you will wait for 1-2 mins you will receive OTP to you register mobile number.

Step 04: After successful login, you will see following information

01 Name

02 Date of Birth

03 Gender


05.Mobile Number

which one you want to correct it please click on that or tick mark appropriate section

Step 05: Correction Name, DOB, Gender, Adress through tick mark be sure you have to check 2 to 3 times before tick that mark.

The Step 06: After successfully uploading requirement dcuments next go to the near BPO or Enrollment Center and submit those documents.

Aadhar card update data request

Step 07: Finally you have to note it down your URN(Update Request Number or Update Reference Number) for further status checking process.
Aadhar card correction

How to Check Aadhar Card Correction Status

To check  Aadhaar Correction update status you need two documents one is Aadhar Card number and the second one is URN (Update Request Number )which is generated in updating time.

The first step is to visit Aadhar self-service update portal(SSUP Update) and enter the aadhar No and URN no and submit it you will know your aadhar Update status.


Aadhar Card Update

Aadhar Card        Aadhar Card Status       Download Aadhar Card    Aadhar Card Documents

E Aadhar Update/UIDAI Update Through Post:

E Aadhar card Update throughthe post is taking 2 to 3 weeks, it is a slow process but helpful to the rural people.

UIDAI offer E aadhar card Update or correction by post is helping to the rural people who don’t have the enrollment centers near and who don’t know the online correction process those people may approach the postal method.

The complete process of aadhaar correction or E aadhar update  you may check in https://uidai.gov.in/ website

Also read:ssup.uidai.gov.in

ssup update

Aadhar Card Update/SSUP update Correction/UIDAI Update By Enrollment Center:

Aadhar Update through enrollment center is very popular using method because in India most villages there is no internet facility so rural people depend on enrollment

aadhar card update by enrollment slipcenters

Enrollment centers may take your photograph and aadhar card xerox then do correction ssup.uidai.gov.in

Aadhar Card Update/UIDAI Update through the Mobile Number

aadhar card update through the mobile number is a very important task for every individual if already aadhar card registers with a mobile number no need to worry but in case there is no link up with mobile number you have to worry.   because of E aadhar update/UIDAI Update Check aadhar card status as well as download aadhar card from uidai website you need mobile  Number because you will get one time password for above services.

If you have aadhaar card with you and you want to update mobile number or register mobile number  this article will help you to understand the whole process step by step

Mobile Number updating we have two methods one is Online method .second one is offline process it means you have to go nearest enrollment center

Online Process for E Aadhar card Update/UIDAI Update/SSUP Update:

UIDAI Website provide to you for changing aadhaar card details it is very easy process also just follow the below steps

Visit the UIDAI website https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update

Aadhar self-service Update Portal(SSUP Update Portal) will open just enter 12 digit aadhar card number then text verification number and mobile number enter then you will get OTP which is registered with aadhar card.

if you don’t have the mobile number just enter the wrong button and add new number then you will get OTP enter OTP in required space

Then After  new page will open  that is Update details page which looks like below image so under this section enter the mobile number update click on it and then  enter the mobile number and submit it


Aadhar Card Update

Same method for all the above corrections that is Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Mobile Number and Email id.

so proceed the same method for all the above corrections

UIDAI Update Offline Process:(Not SSUP update-self-service update portal )

The offline process we can update our aadhaar card, an offline process we have two methods again one is visiting nearest enrollment center second one is by post.so

we do explain here step by step process just follow the steps

Also Read:ssup.uidai.gov.in

ssup update

Here is the process for changing mobile number By Post

The above method which is online is not comfortable then take offline method which is easy for rural area people.

  • Download the SSUP Update or Correction Form from the UIDAI website
  • Take print out which update you want for example mobile number update process tick on mobile number you will get mobile number update form pdf then download.
  • Enter 12 digit Aadhaar card number and fill the form with correct information in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Application form has two languages one is English and second one is Local Language
  • Now you can enter your new mobile number on required space
  • Now you have to attach one document for identity, you have to write down your aadhaar card number and give the thoub impression then attach it
  • After filling the all the details once check it and then choose one of the following methods
  •  Method one submits your filling application form nearest enrollment center.
  • Second Method is  sending your application form to following  UIDAI address 
  • Address 1: UIDAI, Post Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India.
  • Address 2: UIDAI, Post Box No.99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, India.

Aadhar Card Details

Download Aadhar Update Forms and Correction forms

Hi, Readers, You can do Aadhar Update or SSUP update Correction through Aadhar card official website that is UIDAI.below links provide the correction form and enrollment form.

Download the E aadhar update form from UIDAI website and fill all necessary details and post that application form to UIDAI head office which is mentioned on application form.Residential people also can submit their application form through post along with photocopies of required documents.

Note: You’re registered mobile number Compulsory

the following links Provide the Aadhar card Update forms please download and fill correctly before sending those applications to check twice then post it.



ssup update


Which details can we Update / E Aadhar Update/UIDAI Update

you can update following things through SSUP process, which means Aaadhar Self Update service Portal



03.Date of Birth


05.Mobile No

The above details we can update through online process that is Aadhar self-service update portal for more details on self-service update portal please visit UIDAI official website

Documents for UIDAI Update/SSUP Update

  • Pan Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Voter Id Card
  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Bank Passbook
  • Bank Statement also working as a Proof
  • Electricity Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Property Tax bill
  • Latest Income Tax papers
  • Pension Card
  • Central  Government Health Scheme Card
  • Freedom Fighter Card
  • Insurance Policy Documents

any updates or correction in Aadhar card you must carry the following documents.

Update Name /Name Correction: if you want to update your name, surname, initial you have to submit those documents, SSC memo for name correction or Passport for the name correction.

Update Mobile Number/Mobile Number Correction: Update mobile number you need old mobile phone number because you will get the one-time password(OTP), then enter the second mobile number and re-enter OTP, which is new mobile number OTP.

Date of Birth Update/Correction: In aadhar enrollment process 70% of the mistakes happen in Date of Birth.so date of birth correction is common, You have to submit date of the birth certificate which is given by School, government organizations, PAN card also eligible.

Address Aadhar card Update/Correction: You can submit Bank passbook, Ration Card, Voter Id Card, Driving Licence and also Utility bills like the water bill, electricity bill, landline bill for address correction.

What kind of Changes we can do or Update Or correction in Aadhar Card:

Now We can UIDAI card anytime and anywhere in India, following things we can change or update

  1. Here We can Update Date of birth of a Person
  2. We can change Candidate residential address
  3. Gender also we can change through update process
  4. We can Update Name of the Aadhaar card holder

E Aadhar Card Status Checking Time:

How much time does it take to check aadhar card status?It is very simple after your registration process done wait 3 to 4 weeks then you will check your aadhar card status.It means it takes approximately one month.

starting new enrollment time it takes 5 to 6 weeks but the rush is more so you will wait for 3 months.


 ssup update

How to Find Aadhar Center or Enrollment Center /Aadhar card Update Centers

How to find enrollment center to your nearest place ?nowadays most of the people finding aadhaar card center in Google because aadhar card is crucial and very important to the people of India.The UIDAI has been giving number of Aadhar update centers and enrollment center to nearest places but how can you find those centers

UIDAI has been giving a number of Aadhar update centers and enrollment center to nearest places but how can you find those centers.UIDAI providing complete centers list at UIDAI portal but is understanding purpose we are explaining below

Here is the solution for such kind of questions we are giving answers below please follow step by step

    • Go to Aadhar official site https://uidai.gov.in/ 
    • You will see number of options just click on locate Enrollment Center Button or option

Aadhar Card Update

    • You will get Enrollment Center search Page now you have to enter required details in given space
  • Your State, Your District, Your Mandal and You locality address You need to submit
  • When You finish the details search result shows your Nearest Aadhar Card Center or Enrollment Center
  • Name of the Person Who manage that achaar card center

Before going to Enrollment Center please carry Required Documents because Without documents You will not get Aadhar card so please carry the Documents and Before going to Enrollment Center once call to that aadhar card center for Confirmation Purpose Only.


Aadhar Update Status enquiry Phone Number

Aadhar users should know status enquiry Phone number so we are providing here below earlier the aadhar card update toll-free number is 1800-300-1947 but UIDAI has changed toll-free number recently, recent aadhar card update status toll-free number is 1947

Also see: How To Check Aadhar Card Status 


ssup update

Aadhar update-Can we Change Aadhar Card Photo:


is it possible for aadhar Card Photo change ?can we update aadhar card photo?such kind of question may rise for that answer is YES

Now you can change aadhar Card Photo.Why people of India Interest on photo Chang in Aadhar card?The answer is Aadhar card enrollment time everyone, not interest to ready for photo station just casually they went for enrollment centers but now aadhar card mandatory for every service so aadhar card photo is not looking good that why everyone interest to change aadhar card photo.

How do we do  Aadhar card photo change either online or offline?The answer is offline so there is no  online  chance for Aadhar card photo update

Aadhar card Photo update through offline process we have two ways or methods

First Method is Lette writing so you have to write one letter to UIDAI head office regarding photo change with attested id proof and aadhar card Xerox copy duly attest current photo.

Second Method is Enrollment center so you have to visit your enrollment center and submit your E aadhar card update or correction form with the duly attested photograph if in case your aadhar enrollment center is not working go nearest enrollment center and submit it.

How many days it takes ?aadhar card photo change process 15 to 30 days takes.


    ssup update

Aadhar card self service portal

How to add Mobile Number to You aadhar

above article provides information related to aadhar Update but From enrollment time to up to date you didn’t give any mobile number to aadhar services then how to add your mobile number to aadhar card.

How to add your mobile number to aadhar Card For the first time? the answer to that question  we are providing below, please read step by step

  • Go to AAdhar Card Official Website https://uidai.gov.in
  • Next step is You will see number of options select Aadhar card correction form
  • download Aadhar card correction form and take printout it
  • Inform select first option that is Mobile option-click or tick
  • fill the required information please provide unic information
  • mention your Aadhar Card Number
  • Name, Adress, Email(not necessary but if you have please mention it)
  • Attach all documents which are necessary for correction and duly attested
  • You have to provide thumb impression on Photocopies
  • After all Information you mentioned in the form please check once
  • Next step is to send your application form to UIDAI office

Adress: Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India.

After sending your post wait 10-15 days after that you will get the confirmation message to your mobile number.

Aadhar card linking also very important for everyone so you must and should link your aadhar card to your bank, LPG, PAN Card, Voter Id and other Id cards you will link.

Why DO we link Aadhar card to Other Id cards ?the Answer is Yes you have to link Aadhar card to your bank account because government introduces Direct benefit program for that purpose you have to link.

following states have the Aadhar card Update Centers 

  • Telangana
  • Tamilnadu
  • Kerala
  • Karnataka
  • Goa
  • Maharastra
  • Gujarat
  • Rajasthan
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Andra Pradesh
  • Oddish
  • Chatishgarh
  • Jharkhand
  • West Bengal
  • Bihar
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Uttaranchal
  • Punjab
  • Haryana
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jammu & Kashmir
  • Sikkim
  • Assam
  • Tripura
  • Mizoram
  • Manipur
  • Nagaland
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Meghalaya

Following Union, Territories have aadhar card Update Centers

  • Chandigarh.
  • Daman and Diu.
  • Lakshadweep.
  • Puducherry (Pondicherry)
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • Delhi (National Capital Territory of Delhi)
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

The Above the Indian States and Union Territories have the Aadhar Card Enrollment Centers and Aadhar Card Update centers so Visit nearest aadhar Card Update center and do your aadhar card update carry the original Id proofs to Aadhar card Update centers because when you carry the original documents your aadhar card update process will  start immediately so carry original with Photocopies.


ssup update

aadhar card self service portal

When Do we re-enroll Aadhar card

The above article is related to the Aadhar card Update/ssup update but If you not receive aadhar card till now then what we have to do?Very simple answer does re-enroll but UIDAI said only three conditions you will do re-enroll those conditions we are explaining below

  • When you open E-aadhar card portal we have one option that is Aadhar card status check their first
  • Aadhar card status Rejected then you will re-enroll
  • if your enrollment process has done before 2012 April 01 but status said cannot be processed due to technical reasons then you will re-enroll
  • If Aadhar Card Website shows Not found

The above three conditions only we can do Aadhar card re-enrollment other than this three conditions we can’t do Aadhar card re-enroll so before going to re-enroll meant please be check in Aadhar card status website.If you want to re-enroll aadhar card visit nearest aadhar card update center and submit requirement details.

How we can Do Aadhar Card Changes through post:

Aadhar card update or changes through the post is a very important task and it takes time for updating compare with online process .if you don’t have the mobile number you may update via post, via post you can update NAME, MOBILE NUMBER, GENDER, ADRESS, DATE OF BIRTH aadhar card update process UIDAI accept Maximum four changes those name, Date of birth, Adress as well as  gender so only these four things can accept by UIDAI .

Aadhar card holder must be attached Xerox copies of Required document to Aadhar card update form /SSUP UPDATE form with attested.following links are provide Aadhar card update or correction form you may download here.Aadhar card update form can be available in two languages one is English and second one is Local Language that is the mother language.

 English-Aadhar Card  Correction form in English  

Tamil-Aadhar card Correction form In Tamil

Gujarathi-Aadhar card Correction form in Gujarat

Hindi-Aadhar Card Correction Form in Hindi

Punjabi-Aadhar Card Correction  Form in Punjab

Kannada-Aadhar Card Correction Form in Kannada

Marathi-Aadhar Card Correction Form in Marathi

After filling application form or correction form you have to send to the UIDAI Regional offices which are different from language to language so we have provided below UIDAI address so please send carefully.

Hindi, Urdu Language- Postal Adress

UIDAI Regional Office, Samaj Kalyan Nirman Nigam Building, 3rd Floor, TC-46/V Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow (UP).


Telugu, Oriya Language- Postal Adress

UIDAI Regional Office, 5th Floor, Block – III, My Home Hub, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500081.


Punjabi Language -Postal Adress

UIDAI Regional Office, SCO 139 – 141, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh


Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil Languages -Postal Adress

UIDAI Regional Office, Khanija Bhavan, No. 49, 3rd Floor, South Wing Race Course Road, Bangalore – 01.


English, Gujarati, Marathi Language -Postal Adress.

UIDAI Regional Office, 5th & 7th Floor, MTNL Building, B D Somani Marg, Cuff Parade, Mumbai – 400005.


Bengali Language -Postal Adress

UIDAI Regional Office, 1st Floor, RIADA Central Office Building, Namkum Industrial Area, Lowadih, Ranchi – 834010.



Read :ssup.uidai.gov.in

ssup update

aadhar card self service update portal

What is Aadhaar card Self Service Update Portal (SSUP Update Status)

Aadhaar card self-service update portal is Aadhar card update portal which we can update or correct our aadhar details through the Internet no need to visit Enrollment or Aadhar card centers.so it is the self-update portal for Individuals.

Aadhar card Self Service Update Portal(SSUP Update Status)URL is https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update

We can update Name, DOB, Gender, Address as well as Mobile number through Self Service Update Portal so update or correction of your aadhar card you may visit Aadhar card self-service update portal no need to visit Aadhar card update centers .currently Aadhar card update or Aadhar card self-service update portal (SSUP Update)available following local languages.

  • Hindi
  • Gujrati
  • Kannada
  • Tamil
  • Assamesse
  • Marathi
  • Telugu
  • Oriya
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Malayalam
  • Bengali

SSUP update status portal is very easy to use for Common man and it User Experian also very good.

the  Above 13 local languages aadhaar card self-service update portal (SSUP UPDATE )is available so visit your local language website as well as update your aadhar card details.before you’re going to update your aadhar card following things remember.

  • You must have registered mobile number to update any of the above information in your Aadhaar using  Aadhaar card self-service update portal(SSUP update portal).

    • Note: Registered mobile number is the number provided at the time of enrollment or updated subsequently
    • If you have not registered your mobile with Aadhaar or you have lost/do not possess or login anymore, you will have to visit nearest Aadhar card Update Centre.
  • Next Depending on the information to be updated or correction, upload originally scanned (with color scanner only) copies of supporting documents as per the Valid Documents List provided by UIDAI so Update Originals
  • Fill the Update request form in capital letters only and mention the Mobile number correctly then only you will receive One Time Password
  • If you are facing any problem related to Aadhar Card update please contact UIDAI help desk center at help@uidai.gov.in
  • Aadhar self-service update portal(SSUP Update status ) click here:https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update

SSUP Update status: SSUP Update online portal Introduced by UIDAI authority for updating aadhar card update for self which means persons can update their aadhar card update through ssup update portal.

SSUP update status portal accepts the following corrections such as Name, Mobile Number, Father Name, Date of birth as well as Address.

Also read  http://ssup.uidai.gov.in

  ssup update

aadhar card self service update portal

The SSUP Update online Stages /aadhaar self-service update portal

In ssup update status process, we have four stages namely

Login With Aadhar Stage:

In aadhar card update process through ssup update status portal, the first stage is log in with aadhar card update so you have to enter the 12 digit aadhar card number and enter the security captcha while entering security captcha please be petitions.

Data Update request stage:

In this stage, you have to choose the which data you want to update just tick the update information

Document upload Stage

Upload the required document which depends on correction type as well as person age.so more information on documents please visit aadhar card update document section.

BPO Service Provider stage:

This is the last stage of SSUP UPDATE status process. finally, the ssup update online will give you complete update information.

 Aadhar Card Verification

What is Aadhar card verification?Who will do  Aadhaar card verification?such kind of question may raise in your mind but the answer is very simple aadhaar card verification is nothing but complete details of your enrollment form query.

the second one is who will do ?very simple aadhaar card verification done by yourself only through UIDAI official website.below we are explaining aadhar card verification so follow those steps(ssup.uidai.gov.in.


  • go to official aadhar card update website i.e http://Uidia.gov.in
  • Bottom of the page you will Aadhar services
  • Open aadhar services option in that choose  Aadhar verification button
  • Adhar verification link will open local residential UIDAI portal
  • choose Eaadhaar verification item
  • Enter 12 digit Aadhar Card Number
  • Enter security verify code
  • check once your aadhar card number then click on verify button

Every Aadhar Cardholder does aadhar  verification  because if you find any mistakes in aadhar card you will do changes through E Aadhar update   later you will check adhar status

Do UIDAI Status Enquiry

aadhar card update status is very important task after your successful correction the e  aadhar card then go to official aadhar card update website then do E aadhaar update status whether is it updated or not.The aadhaar card update status we can do through adhar status portal. Aadhar card status Enquiry we can do following methods each and every method we explained above article so go through it.UID Status enquiry Phone number 1947

  • Toll-free Number
  • SMS
  • Online Process

UIDAI Status Check Online By Name:

UID Status we can do online but not with the name we can do only with  Unique Identification Number as well as Enrollment Id number. Early Time UIDAI accepted UID status through Name but now close that method due to misuse of the data so UID status check through UID number as well as EID number

Adhar card update status Related Questions

  1. How to Check eaadhar card update status using URN?
  2. What is the aadhaar card URN Number?
  3. What is the Procedure for updating aadhaar details in the online method?
  4. How to know URN status/number in aadhar card?
  5. What is  Aadhar Card URN Number and Why do you need it?

  6. What is UID Status
  7. How to check  aadhar card status by name

Note: Answers already given for The above Questions so please refer the article once.EAadhaar card status (ssup.uidai.gov.in)

E aadhar card download

It is the very simple method we can do online on our laptops or desktops even mobile also so it is simple method first you have to visit aadhaar card official website UIDAI and search aadhar card download option which is available on the bottom of the page or Left side third option It may change from time to time .

Enter required details it is dependent on UID status  or Eid If already you have e  aadhar card choose UID option, if you do not have aadhaar card choose EID option .enter details(EID number, date, time, Name of the Aadhaar card) holder in required space .later you will enter security captcha code then submit the button.you will see one e addhar card pdf open it and enter the your local area Pincode then it will open download it .

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  ssup update

aadhar card self service update portal

  Aadhar card status enquiry by Mobile.

If you don’t know How to check adhar status/SSUP update Status through online or If you have not used the internet If you have not had the laptop and computer then how can you check your adhar status?The answer is very simple nowadays mobile phone is common for everyone so we can check our aadhar card status by mobile.you can check  aadhar card status enquiry by name ,DOB as well as mobile number

UID Status check by Mobile number also provided by UIDAI.

Unique Identification Authority of India allows to checking aadhar status/SSUP Update status through mobile Number but the Aadhaar card holder must be registered mobile number through enrollment process then only it possible.if you already registered your mobile number through enrollment process then you may check your E aadhar status via mobile .just send one SMS to UIDAI (51969)  already we explained above so see above article(ssup.uidai.gov.in).

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Aadhar Card Status

E Aadhar Card URN Status

What is UIDAI stands?Unique IDentification Authority of India.How can we check UIDAI Status?We can check UIDAI status through following way UIDAI status with Name as well as UIDAI status by mobile number, UIDAI status aadhar.

Hi, readers here we explained how to check adhar status through URN so if you’re searching for the same article then it may help for your query.UIDAI gov check your aadhaar status through URN Method.

What is URN?

URN means Update Request Number which is generated at the time of correction so we are explained below step by step please follow it

  • Go to Aadhar Card Official Website  Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal(SSUP UPDATE)
  • The above link is directly open URN status page
  • Enter your 12 digit Aadhar card number
  • Next step is Enter Your URN Number
  • Enter text verification Number which is generated by system
  • then finally enter the submit button

After view seconds your adhar status will appear on the page.UIDAI gov check your aadhaar status

Aadhar card update for Airtel

you want to update your aadhar number with airtel sim just visit the nearest airtel office and submit your mobile number as well as aadhar card number or else give biometric details at Airtel customer care.

For Further information on airtel sim linking visit  https://www.airtel.in/link-aadhaar-mobile

aadhar card update for idea sim

Aadhar card update/SSUP Update for Idea users you need to submit or link your mobile number with aadhar card online process is not available to visit the nearest Idea cellular center give biometric details.with in five minutes your mobile linking process is over(ssup.uidai.gov.in).

For Further information on idea sim linking visit https://www.ideacellular.com/customer-care/regulatory/re-verification


Welcome to aadharcardupdate.in Here E Aadhaar Card Portal Provides information related to the  Various UIDAI Services like Aadhar card application forms and applying  Process, Aadhaar Card Update and Correction Status, Download Duplicate Aadhaar Card update online ssup update And other etc.

Also read:ssup.uidai.gov.in

ssup update

Aadhar card self service update portal


adhar Card:

In India Aadhaar card is an identity card for all citizens of India, Aadhaar card has been issuing from 2009/janaway/28.Enrollment has been starting same day that is 28/01/2009.there is no last date for enrollment(ssup.uidai.gov.in).

           Aadhaar card status           Aadhaar card Download

How To Apply for Aadhaar Card / Application Process:

It is very Simple process  it will take 5-10 mins so step by step process you can see below

  • candidates first need to visit official aadhaar card website i.e https://uidai.gov.in/
  • in that homepage, candidate click on  the apply adhaar card button
  • the application form will be open so the candidate download it
  • After downloading application form candidates carefully fill that application form with valid information such as name, surname, father’s name, gender, date of birth, email, phone number
  • once you finished the application form you have to open the website and book the slot in enrollment center which is nearest for your locality.
  • then go exact time and submit the application form in enrollment center and to register aadhaar card.(ssup.uidai.gov.in)

Aadhar Card Benefits:/Aadhar card  update

Aadhar card usage is increased day by day, each and every government program linking with aadhaar card, without aadhaar card you can’t get any benefits from the government of India and also state government programmes.aadhaar card is like an ident card for Indian citizens.

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Aadhar card self service portal

ssup update


LPG Subsidy:

Aadhar card is very useful for LPG subsidy, without aadhaar card you will not get LPG subsidy from Govt of India


If you want passport within 10 to 12 days you must need aadhaar

Bank Account:

If any Indian Citizen has to open the bank account, that person must need aadhar card, you have to submit aadhar no in banks then only you will get the bank account.

Jaan Dhan Yojana:

Indian Govt has launched jaan dhan yojana program for citizens of India, the aim of the program is avoid the fraud in money transaction so banks are giving zero based saving accounts to the people of India.Addhar card is must for Jaan Dhan Yojana Program

Online Locker:

This is very very useful for digital life, the online locker is a digital Locker which is useful for document savings in online, Digital Locker also needs aadhaar card number.


Any certificate you wants from the government through online you need to submit aadhaar card no.then only you will get the date of birth certificates, caste certificates, income certificates, and so on.

Identity card:

Aadhar card  is using like an identity card for people of India.

Sim Activation:

Nowadays every telecom operator using biometric sim activation process, in this process you no need to give any Xerox to the company.they just taking you finger printing then giving sim card how is it possible because of aadhaar card so aadhaar is must for sim card activation.

Note: Aadarcardupdate.in is not an official website of Aadhaar card.this website only helping purpose who don’t know about Aadhaar card.so if you want more information related to the Aadhar card to please visit the official website of Aadhaar card that is https://uidai.gov.in

Aadhaar card generating Time

Generally, aadhaar card generating 4 to 5 weeks after your enrollment process but aadhar will come by post so it takes up to 3 months in the case of 3 months you didn’t get aadhar card by post you may visit nearest enrollment center and re-enroll your aadhar card.

Why aadhar card rejected ?which purpose aadhaar card rejected? such questions may rise but the answer is very simple that is mistakes.

In enrollment center, you may mistake application form and enrollment employees mistakes also consider so if in case of 3 months you didn’t get aadhar card then again apply for it(ssup.uidai.gov.in)

Aadhar Card Online Registration.

Hi, readers almost 75 % of the Indian People have aadhaar already so only 25 % of the People does not enroll till now.

this article may help that 25 % of the Indian People who didn’t enroll aadhar.

Nowadays aadhaar card enrollment center is everywhere and online process also there for registration .most of the people are busy with their work so you can book your enrollment center slot through online just you will spend time on the internet.

  • Go to https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/
  • Enrollment Center search page will open
  • We have the three options state wise, pin code wise and search wise you can select your aadhaar enrollment center
  • First Select State, District, subdistrict and village name
  • Next, enter the verification code then search it, your nearest enrollment center will open
  • Then fill the application form with necessary and correct data which is useful for further use so please fill correct information such as name, Date of birth, Gender, Residential address, Mobile number ( very Important so carefully fill it )
  • Then submit and book your slot nearest enrollment center(ssup.uidai.gov.in).

Document carry for Aadhar Card Registration.

Following Document are very important for Aadhaar update/SSUP Update and Registration Purpose so please carry the following documents for ease process

  • take required documents to the enrollment center.
  • carrying everything to enrollment center your process will finish early so carry everything.
  • At the time of registration, you have to submit id proof and  address proof
  • Identicard purpose you can show 18 proof which is listed on UIDAI website
  • Adress proof purpose you can show 33 proofs which are listed on UIDAI website

Aadhar Card Details-12 Digit meaning

Every Individual need to enroll aadhar card because it is a Unic Identification Number which is Givin by UIDAI(Associated with Government of India) so almost 70%  of The Indians have enrolled aadhaar card.now aadhar card holders doing aadhar correction through SSUP UPDATE Portal (Self Service Update Portal)

The question is What is 12 digit meaning there is meaning for 12 digit number?The Answer is No.Aadhar 12 digit Number has the No Meaning It is Random Number(ssup.uidai.gov.in).

Aadhar Card Enrollment ID Details(EID)

Aadhar card Enrollment Id is When we got at Registration Time  it looks like below format

5000/ 10000/40000  03/07/2017/ 08:30:12 Date/Time (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)

for example, The above number is EID number so What is the meaning of the EID Number we are explaining below

  • first 4(5000) digit Number is Aadhar card Enrollment Agency Code
  • Second 5(10000) digit Number is Enrollment Registration Laptop Id Number
  • Next 5 (40000)digit Number is Enrollment Number of Same Laptop
  • Next Number is Enrollment  Date and Time

Advantages of Aadhar card

we have No of Aadhaar card advantages below we are explaining aadhaar card advantages see it above articlew provide SSUP UPDATE process(self service update portal) ssup.uidai.gov.in.

  • The aadhaar card is single source of Identity card for all individuals
  • No need to submit your Identity card anywhere
  • You will get bank account within mints
  •  Government benefits directly received to common man through
  • No need to submit Papers for BANK passbook, SIM card Purchasing time
  • Police department also solve cases easily through biometric
  • We are all saved trees because we using less paper through biometric process
  • Government schemes also transparency through BIO metric process
  • No fraud Transaction between Government to People
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