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e Aadhar Card Download process is very easy now only 5 to 10 minutes you can download your Aadhar card.Aadhar is very important for everyone because every government program linking with e Adhar, Aadhar need everyone at the same time Aadhar enrollment process or generating process also very simple.Here we are explaining e Aadhar Download methods easy steps so just follow those steps and download it.

E Aadhaar Card Download in two ways one is Enrollment ID Which is available on acknowledgment slip and the second method is Aadhar Number, downloading method we are explaining below before we need to arrange the following things.

 E Aadhar  Download  by Enrollment ID

Download E Adhar card through Enrollment ID so first step you have to visit official Aadhar Card Website that is https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/

after that, you will see below the screenAadhar Card Download

Please follow below the steps
  •  First step you have to click Enrollment ID you can see above the image
  •  Enter Enrollment Number Which is available on Acknowledgement slip
  • Give You Full Name in required space i.e second box
  • Enter your area Pincode Number
  • enter Security captcha which is provided by UIDAI Website
  • finally, enter Your Register Mobile Number

After above steps, you were done you will get the one-time password if you will not get password within one minute again click on resend one-time password button then you will get OTP within One minute.

Now you have OTP so just enter OTP in required box then validate it or Download it.it is only electronic e Aadhar card so if you want to download Aadhar card through online following method you can use

E Aadhar Download through PDF:

When you enter the above details you will get the e Adhar Card but it is in PDF format so you have to convert PDF file to JPG format then only you will get Aadhar but PDF file encrypted with a password.You can see the below image encrypted with a password.

Aadhar Card Download

Without a password, we can’t open Adhar card then what is the PASSWORD for online PDF e Aadhar, E Aadhar download password is your area Pincode.so just enter your area Pincode and click the ok button you will get Aadhar card from pdf to JPG then now you can download it

If You want to see your aadhar card Status you just log in to UIDAI official website.Aadhar card correction Documents also we are providing here so you can see it as well as aadhar card correction forms also we are provided.

Duplicate E Aadhar Card Download by Aadhar Number/ID

E Aadhar download through Aadhar Number which is very  a simple method we will explain below go to official website of Aadhaar that is   https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/

when you open the above link you will see below the image so first, click on the Aadhar link or button which is showing in the image.
Aadhar Card Download


The second step is to enter your Aadhar Card Number and full name of Aadhar card holder then click on the pin code number box enter your area pin code.

When you enter pin code below you have to mention your mobile number then only you will get OTP that is very very important if you enter OTP then only your Aadhar card will generate  , if in case you will not get any OTP within 1 to 2 minutes you will do again meant click the  Resend OTP button .

then the same process you will get electronic AAdhar card in pdf format so you have to convert PDF file to JPG file very simple we explained above see once that article e Aadhar Card Download through PDF.

eaadhar card download with aadhaar number: the above process will get complete command on e aadhar download with aadhaar number so read carefully.

Note: Aadhar card application process Below 5 years children’s no need to give Biometric as well as Iris Details in aadhar card enrollment Centers.Here we are providing Aadhar card For Children’s details.

E Aadhar Card Download  without EID and UID card Number

If you lost Aadhar card and you don’t have EID number then how do you download Aadhaar card?

Question 01: How do you do e Aadhar card download without Enrollment Number?

How do you do download aadhar card without Aadhar number?

How do you get Enrollment number?

answers to the above questions we are giving here so follow the answers

It is very simple process if you know register mobile number or do you have register mobile number then process is very easy, get aadhar card without aadhar card number and without enrollment number please follow steps download aadhar card is very simple process now.

Aadhar Card Download

  • Go to aadhar website https://resident.uidai.gov.in/find-uid-eid
  • Then select one option for retrieve aadhar card we have two options one is Get UID Number and the second one is EID number
  • Then enter the Personal Details
  • Enter Candidate Name
  • Enter Email Id
  • Please mention Mobile number which is very important because you will receive OTP to that Mobile Number Only
  • Enter security code which is providing by UIDAI website
  • Next click Send One Time Password button
  • Then enter the OTP which was received to your mobile number from UIDAI
  • Now verify your One Time Password so enter verify button
  • After verifying your One time Password you will receive EID number or UID Number which was  you choose in step two
  • Next step You have to visit https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/
  • choose one option either EID or UID
  • enter 14 digit  Enrollment number with date and time
  • if you choose UID number then enter the 12 digit UID number
  • Enter your Full Name
  • Mention Your Area Pincode Number
  • next enter the Image captcha and mobile Number
  • then click One Time Password button within 2 minutes you will get OTP if in case you will not get the enter resend One-time Password Button
  • Then enter the One-time Password and validate it and download aadhaar card
  • e Aadhar Card Download process you will get e aadhaar card in PDF file so you have to convert the PDF file to JPG format

PDF Password is Your Area Pincode so enter your area Pincode and download E aadhaar card  online

E Aadhar Card Download Without Mobile number:

Without Mobile Number how do we download Aadhaar card?If the candidate was not given mobile number details when enrollment time then how do we download aadhar card?This kind of questions may arise in your mind so we are giving solutions below so please follow step by step then you will understand the process.

e Aadhar download without a mobile number is the easy method but you have to register your mobile number because without mobile number aadhaar will be misuse or online e aadhar download theft it is one cause so please link your mobile number to aadhaar.

  • Go to eaadhaar.gov.in
  • Mention or enter Aadhaar Card Number or Enrollment Number in required space
  • Next step UIDAI website eaadhaar.gov.in ask you mention mobile number if already mobile number registered with aadhaar you will get One Time Password
  • But we don’t have register mobile number so Forget OTP to register mobile number button and choose new mobile number button then enter your present mobile number then click OTP button.
  • You will receive One-time password to your mobile number then validate your OTP


E Aadhar Card Download Password

e Aadhar downloading process you will get one Pdf file that is aadhar card e generating the file which is in the form of PDF but we have to download that file then convert into JPG format so we have to enter password what is that password?

When enrollment time applicant provide Address proof so such address pin code Number is your e aadhar download Password.you can see full information about aadhar card in Aadhar card details article.

e Aadhar Card Download without One Time Password

How to download aadhar card without OTP?this is frequently asking questions how to download without OTP whether we have on their option to download aadhar card but e aadhar download is very simple process which we explained above so e aadhar download process we need to enter One Time Password that is mandatory so we don’t have the other option for e aadhar download so we can not download Aadhar card without OTP

Which case e aadhar card download without OTP? two cases we are trying to download aadhaar card without OTP one case is You don’t have the registered mobile number and the second case till now you are not registered your mobile number with Aadhar card.

the above two cases only we need e aadhar download without OTP so  the first case you can provide your Other mobile number then you will get OTP to that mobile but in the second case you don’t have the online process so you have to visit nearest Aadhar download center then submit your mobile number with aadhar card photocopies.

I think the above article “E Aadhar Download” has given a full idea on e aadhar card download process so you can download now easy way.

E Aadhar card download by name

UIDAI is providing download aadhar option for every individual so you can download aadhar card through UIDAI portal but it is a little bit confusing for newly opened persons so here we are explaining E aadhar card download by name method just follow the steps to download aadhar card by name.

visit download aadhar card UIDAI website https://resident.uidai.gov.in/find-uid-eid

Then choose UID or EID option for download aadhar card then enter Personal Details such as Full name ,Email, Mobile, Enter security code if you unable to see code try another code then enter and wait for 10 mins you will get SMS to your register mobile number finally you enter the OTP at given space then do download aadhar.

E Aadhar card Download For NRI’s

No separate Process for NRI’s, Normal way NRI’s also can download aadhar card.NRI’s e aadhar card password is their enrollment center Pincode.you can see full details about aadhar card for NRI’s article.

After E Aadhar Download

After successfully download the aadhar card you have to check information whether it is correct or not.in case do you find any mistakes in aadhar card then do aadhar card update

E aadhar download process over then what do you do?very simple take E aadhar card color print then use like identity card E aadhar download process you required your register mobile number as well as your area pin code need.

For more information please visit the aadhar card official website.

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