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By | May 4, 2018

 E Aadhar card status enquiry is very important for Indians because nowadays e aadhaar card status is mandatory for all activities which are related to government programs, banks, passport, the other purposes.almost 70-80% of the people have  Aadhar so the majority of the people don’t concentrate on E Aadhar Status they are concentrating on  UIDAI Status Update.The best method for updating your  E Aadhar card is online through www.uidai.gov.in this is the official website of E Aadhar Card.UIDAI gov check your aadhaar status process

How To Check E Aadhar Card Status 

To Know your E Aadhar card update status we have two methods one is Aadhar No and the second one is Enrollment ID Number but if you want to download Aadhar, You need URN No which generates in Adhar correction time.URN means Unique Reference Number given by UIDAI

E Aadhar status enquiry we can do following methods


 Aadhar card Update       Aadhar card Download     Aadhar Card for Child


01. E Aadhar Card status by SMS

Now the process is ver simple just one SMS you will get your E Adhar status/UIDAI Status we will explain below how to send SMS.

Open your mobile and type “UIDAI STATUS” must be in capital letters then give the Space and type your 14 digits (Enrollment Number)then send to 51969

Example:  UIDAI STATUS  1515151515151515 to 51969

NOTE: You have to send through register Mobile number.

After that, you will receive Aadhaar Number through SMS. if your Adhaar Card is generated otherwise you will not get any message.

02.Aadhar Card Status Enquiry Phone Number

Now you Can check UIDAI gov check your aadhaar status through Toll-free Number i.e 1800-300-1947.

you just do one thing call to 1800-300-1947 toll-free number through the registered mobile and follow the  IVR instructions.
aadhar card status enquiry phone number

You will receive  Aadhar card  update status through SMS

Aadhar status enquiry phone number through out India is same so don’t confuse.   The earlier aadhar status enquiry phone number in hindi is  1800-300-1947 is no longer used. Please use only 1947 recently UIDAI changed from 1800-300-1947 to 1947.

 Toll-free number Adhar Card Status Enquiry Phone Number – 1947

E Aadhar Card Status enquiry by Name

The above-mentioned methods are very simple and easy plus secure methods so you may go through those methods first then think about the name and date birth method, actually, UIDAI disabled this method due to security reasons so avoid this method.

Aadhar status enquiry by name is not safe so UIDAI present band the  Aadhar status by name method is not available to the people so you can choose another method.Track Aadhar status by name have the problems because by name means we have to check the UID Status through Our Name but Name is not unique which means a number of people have the same name as well as the same surname also it gives many problems to people.

Based on above problems UIDAI banned the  EAadhar card status by name method so we don’t have a chance to check your E aadharstatus through Name.uidai gov check your aadhaar status by name.

E Aadhar Status Enquiry by Date of Birth

Now you can check  Aadhar card status by name also so if you lose your aadhar card don’t worry you will get again but you need register mobile number then you will get your aadhar again it is very simple.  E aadhar status  by name is very important to checking process of aadhar card

First, you have to visit official aadhar card website i.e https://resident.uidai.gov.in/find-uid-eidhere we are explaining step by step please follow

  • Select one option Which method you want for retrieve 1)Aadhar Number (UID)

2)Enrollment Number (EID)

  •  Then You have to Enter Your Personal Details such as Your Name, Email Adress, Mobile Number and OTP
  • When you enter Mobile Number you will get OTP that is One Time Password
  • Now enter OTP in required space or box then verify it
  • After 2-3 minutes you will receive your selection number that is EID Or UID which was  you choosing in step two
  • Now go to https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/
  • Choose EID Or UID
  • Enter  Details such as EID OR UID number
  • Fullname
  • Your area Pincode Number
  • Mobile Number then enter OTP
  • Verify your OTP
  • then download E aadhaar card

Note: UIDAI gov check your aadhaar status and  E download process you will get PDF

PDF Password is your Area Pincode

Passport link to aadhar card is very important to the passport holders because when you go to outstation or country most of the checking places aadhar card is an identity card so if you link with aadhar card your passport will be safe from preventing duplicate passport.

the government also come forward and said who has the aadhar card those people will get the passport within 10-15 days so for that purpose aadhar card must link with the passport.

Linking with PAN card also very important matter, duplicate pan card  has been a matter of Income-tax Department so Preventing of duplicate PAN card, Income tax department strictly pass the act for linking with aadhar

uidai gov check your aadhaar status Enquiry online

Hi, readers are you looking for  E aadhar status enquiry information if you looking same information then your at right place we explained detailed information on  Aadhar status enquiry so please read the full article. What is adhar status enquiry? or How to check online Aadhaar card status Enquiry? or How can we Track aadhar card status enquiry online? and How to do uidai gov check your aadhaar status offline? such question may rise in your mind but the answer is very simple to read below article you will understand.

The Unique Identification Authority of India has made it easier by introducing online and offline process for eaadhaar uidai gov in status(UID Enquiry) so we can check two methods.

Online Method we can do uidai gov check your aadhaar status enquiry through aadhar official website which we explained above so visit E aadhar official website and do it.the offline method also we can do through a mobile .offline method we have two options one is sending a message to UIDAI and the second one is calling to E Aadhar card customer care or toll-free number.

03.uidai gov check your aadhaar status by Enrollment Number

If you want to check your  E Aadhar  Status by enrollment method you need to follow below things

01.Enrollment Number

02.Enrollment date and time (which available on acknowledgment slip

03Enter Captcha code

04.Your Mobile Number

05.Your Locality Pincode Number

The first step opens https://resident.uidai.gov.in/check-aadhaar-status    and enter the Enrollment Id, Date and time Which available on Acknowledgement slip and enter the security code.

Aadhar Card Status

After entering the security code you will see your register mobile last 4 digits so you have to verify your mobile number, Enter your mobile number and press the submit button. if your mobile number is correct you will receive OTP (One-time Password) after that enter the one-time password in given space you will get the electronic version of  Aadhar card.

If in a case displaying mobile number is not your then you have “NO” button click on that and enter the New Mobile Number then submit it after that you will get OTP enter that OTP in required space.

05. Check Aadhar card status online by Mobile App

If you have Android, Ios mobile just open https://uidai.gov.in/ and download the  Aadhar app and install it in you mobile.Aadhar Update status you can check through your mobile number with the help of UIDAI APP

Aadhar Card Official Android App link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.uidai.mAadhaarPlus

Check your E Adhar status, Adhar card updates and  aadhar card tracking information through your mobile app just open google play store and type https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.uidai.mAadhaarPlus

then it open eaadhar card app link now you will see install option just do install the app and use it now you can check E Aadhar card details,  Aadhar status or E adhar status or UID Status/URN Status through UIDAI Eaadhar App .

How do we check  Adhar status?How do we check E Aadhar card enrollment status?these two questions are quite same but the process is different so we explain below ple

uidai gov check your aadhaar statusase follow step by step and solve your problem.

E Aadhar card enrollment status check Documents

Aadhar enrollment process going very fast and accurate so every individual after enrollment you must check the  enrollment status then only you will understand your eaadhaar  status process so following document is required for checking enrollment status

  • Acknowledgment slip Which has  given by enrollment center team
  • Internet connection required

Checking E Aadhaar card enrollment status

Following steps are required for checking aadhar card update

  • visit the official website of UIDAI That is https://uidai.gov.in
  • Go to  Adhar status checking link open it
  • You will see enrollment status checking page
  • now you have to enter the enrollment number, date and Time which is available on acknowledgment slip
  • Next, enter the security captcha which is generated by default
  • then enter Submit button

After successfully submitting above data you will see the following statements

first thing If your aadhar card has generated you will get “Your aadhaar card has been generated. If you have not received the letter please download “E-aadhaar card”.

second thing If your aadhar card not generated you will get “Your Aadhaar number is Under generation”, Please Check Back After Few Days

The first method you will see e-aadhar card download option which is the simple method for Eaadhaar card users because only within 10 to 15 minutes you will download your aadhar card from UIDAI website.



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Aadhar card Verification status for email

Visit official aadhar card website or else do following steps

  • Go to https://uidai.gov.in/
  • in aadhar card services select verify email/mobile verification link 
  • Mention your aadhar details or aadhar number
  • Mention email or mobile number which one you want just to mention there
  • Enter security code
  • you will get OTP to your mobile number
  • enter OTP number in given space
  • After that, you will get complete your aadhar status details such as email, mobile number.

Aadhar card status from the USA

who enroll for aadhar card those people Now you can check aadhar status from the resident portal. aadhar card holder staying at India or United States of America he or she can check their aadhar correction status through UIDAI resident portal. E aadhar card status checking process from the USA for NRI  as well as Indians.

  • visit the  UIDAI gov check your aadhaar status portal
  • choose aadhar card services section
  • here we have two options first one is enrollment after status checking and the second one is a correction after status checking.
  • so choose appropriate one or which is suitable for your status pick that one.
  • enter your enrollment number if you choose the first option or else enter aadhar card URN number which is generated at the time correction.
  • Enter security number after that you will receive OTP SMS from UIDAI resident portal enter that OTP in given box.
  • if you want check correction only then aadhar card number, as well as URN number, is enuff

The almost aadhar status process is same for NRIs as well as Indians. e aadhar status checking process from INDIA and outside INDIA same there is no changes in UIDAI portal.

we got some comments on other card status checking process based on that we are giving clarification here there is no separate UIDAI portal for Indian State wise so all over INDIA as well as the world should use UIDAI portal only there is no state wise and country wise portals.

Which purpose we do Aadhar card status checking-Aadhar card status

aadhar cardholder must know the which purpose we have to know e aadhar status checking in this article we explained total details I think this article will help your query so read below.

Aadhar card status for Update

when you want to update your aadhar card through UIDAI resident portal that time you have to know the aadhar card status checking process because if without o[date status you will not take any decision so that time it will help you.

Aadhar card status for a name change

do you facing any troubles on your aadhar card name, do you want to correct your aadhar card name, is it possible on aadhar Portal the answer is YES. we can correct our aadhar card name if we show proper Identity proofs but it takes two to four weeks so that time you have to check your aadhar status.

Aadhar card status for the change of Address.

Yes, when you have done aadhar card correction for address change that time you need to check aadhar status through UIDAI website.but do you know the process of aadhar card address change in aadhar here is the solution just read.

    • Go to  UIDAI gov check your aadhaar status portal
    • select aadhar card update portal

login with your aadhar card number select

  • address Icon
  • update address related identity proof.
  • scan the address proof documents
  • after that wait 1-2days then check aadhar status.
  • you aadhar card address will change.then download aadhar card.

E Aadhar card status for Ration Card

very Important scheme in India is food supply through public distribution scheme (PDS) from 1995 but majority of the food products are stolen from PDS centers so that purpose government of India takes decision on Public Distribution system link with aadhar card so now aadhar card correction is compulsory for small mistakes also so ration card purpose also we have to check e aadhar card status.


Get E Aadhar-UIDAI

Hi Friends you get e aadhaar if in case you lost your Acknowledgement slip or you don’t know the number no problem now you can track aadhar status update/UID Status without Acknowledgement slip through following steps.

  • Go to  UIDAI gov check your aadhaar status official website
  • bottom of the page you have the UIDAI  aadhar card service link click on it
  • if you want enrollment number then choose the EID option
  • Enter the NAME, Email Id, And Mobile Number
  • then Enter the security Captcha after that check once all  details then enter submit button
  • before clicking  submit button choose Get OTP Option
  • After view sec, you will receive OTP to Your register Mobile number
  • When you receive OTP then verify it, enter One Time Password and click on verify button
  • You will receive aadhaar card Enrollment number on your phone or e-mail id.Then track E aadhar card status with EID.

Below Links provide the  aadhar card details topic wise you can check directly here

Get Aadhaar Number on Mobile number

  aadhar card Apply

 E Aadhar card

eaadhaar Download

UID Update

 aadhar Card correction form



adhar status we can do by aadhar no, we can do by enrollment no,adhar status by URN no, Adhar status by name.Before your going to do Adhar status update please read the E aadhar status instruction

  1. adhar status correction we can do the following information in aadhar
  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile
  • Email ID
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  1. Present E Aadhar status update we can do the following languages
  2. Hindi,Urdu,Punjabi,Kannada,Telugu,Oriya,Marathi,English,Assamesse,Gujrati,Punjabi,Kannada,Malyalam,Tamil,Bengali.Punjabi,Kannada
  3. if you want to get E aadhar card status information you must have the register mobile number with you
  4. without register mobile number we cant do anything in online so use register mobile number only
  5. if you do not submit at the time enrollment now you have to give a mobile number in the aadhaar card center

What is E aadhar?:

aadhar card is normal aadhar card but we are downloading through UIDAI Portal so aadhar card means which we download from Aadhar card official website. without delay from UIDAI

Documents required to download  Aadhar card:

You can download eaadhaar card in two ways one is EID number and the second method is aadhar card .you need Eid number or acknowledgement slip, E Aadhar card holder name, as well as holder registration mobile number, E Aadhar card holder area pin code number for all documents, keep it one place then do e  aadhar card download. 

Eaadhaar card downloading process you need your area pin code number so keep in mind where your aadhar card enrollment process over those area pin code number required to download  aadhar card 

Download eaadhar card also very simple we are explained eaadhar card download article you can read there.

Why Aadhar card status Rejected

If Your  E Aadhar status has rejected then you have to know why E aadhar  status rejected ?read this article it will give full information related to the E aadhar status rejected.

Documents are one of the cause for rejecting eaadhaar uidai gov in status because those who submitted documents are inadequate.

If you enter any wrong information it will be rejected immediately without informing you.

While your entering information may be the enrollment employee error also be done so be care full when you enter the information for eaadhar card status correction.


What you  have to do next:

If your E aadhar card status has rejected then do the following  things

  • fill the New application form which is available in the UIDAI portal or else click the below the link https://nsdl.co.in/downloadables/pdf/Aadhaar-Data-Update-Form-03.pdf
  • Collect the required documents which are listed in UIDAI portal and write down your 12 digit e aadhar number  on documents and sign on it or thumb impression
  • You have to submit your application form at enrollment center and you can check E aadhar status by the online process but you have to wait up to 2 to 3 days if in case you submitted through online you may check within 24 hours.

Above mentioned process for aadhaar card update and correction status purpose so you may follow above one method for aadhaar card status checking.

Here Aadharcardupdate.in portal providing aadhar card details.The Unique Identification Authority of India has been giving Aadhar card from 2011 onwards.Nowadays Aadhar card usages is increasing day by day each and every task track with Aadhar card.

Note: If you’re not linking with your aadhar card details with your PAN as well as Bank Account for three years continuously your aadhar card in inactive.so activate as much as possible.

According to Aadhar Card ACT, 2016 UIDAI is the complete responsibility for aadhar card generation and distribution.Complete Life cycle of Aadhar card done by UIDAI such as online registration, Biometric stage, acknowledgment slip generation,aadhar card distribution,aadhar card correction,aadhar card status and aadhar card download.

Aadhar Card Details one by one:

Aadhar Card Registration process:

You can do in two ways one is an Online method and the second one is an Offline method.but the biometric stage you need to go aadhar card center.Aadhar card registration is very simple through online just fill the form online and take print out then go to the nearest aadhar card enrollment center.

Submit the online application form at Aadhar card enrollment center with required documents here below link provide the complete aadhar card documents details you may check.

Aadhar Card Documents 

After successfully submitting the online application form at aadhar card centers you need to give Biometric details as well as Iris details to Aadhar Enrollment officer.

note below 5 years children’s need not give the Biometric as well as Iris Test .and official aadhar card website is UIDAI

Aadhar Card Offline Application Form is here you can download directly through this link: https://nsdl.co.in/downloadables/pdf/Aadhaar-Enrolment-Form_English.pdf

Aadhar Card Acknowledgement Slip:

After Biometric and Iris Test You will get Acknowledgement Slip from Aadhar card Enrollment Center.

Aadhar Card acknowledgment slip contains numbers as well as dates  it look like 3000/ 10300/40000  06/07/2017/ 07:30:12 Date/Time (dd/mm/yy yy hh:mm:ss)

  • The first 4(3000) digit Number is Aadhar card Enrollment Agency Code
  • The Second 5(10300) digit Number is Enrollment Registration Laptop Id Number
  • Next 5 (40000)digit Number is Enrollment Number of Same Laptop
  • Next Number is Enrollment  Date and Time

Aadhar card details check after Registration

Here is the link to check aadhar card details after registration or enroll https://resident.uidai.gov.in/check-aadhaar-status 

open the above link then enter the Enrollment details as well as date and time then enter the security captcha after all details enter submit status check button.


Source from UIDAI

Aadhar card Correction forms

Now everyone has the aadhar card but now the problem is mistakes in aadhar card how can we correction on aadhar card very simple steps provided by UIDAI.

we can do aadhar correction through self-service update portal.here is the aadhar card correction forms for the offline process.

 Aadhar Card Update online                          Aadhar card update offline




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